Vision of Service
Empower and support Life and Health Insurance organizations through experiential training, intellectual inputs and medically apt cum legally sound opinions.


InCHES Healthcare Pvt Ltd

X-CLAIM is the claim vertical of INCHES Healthcare Pvt Ltd - India's first enterprise offering value added services to insurance industry since 2000.

Since its inception, the private insurance journey has been a symbol in tenacity and initiative. Every new year has thrown unique challenges which the industry has faced with resilient Úlan. The current times are perhaps the most testing and thus call for higher industry collaboration. There is a clear need to manage the public sentiments collectively to make way for a faster turnaround.

"Effective Claim adjudication is going to be the name of the game! Efficient Claim adjudication will be the road to fame!"

X-CLAIM is India's only enterprise offering exclusive, customized, knowledge based inputs to the Insurance industry, largely to claims, legal, risk and compliance functions.

With an experience of assessing over 15000 cases over 7 years, X-CLAIM now offers EXCLUSIVE solutions to the insurance industry.

Largest experience in Pvt Insurance Industry in India
(Including life, general, critical illness, accident benefit rider and cases represented at legal fora)

Cases analyzed* 15990 cases
Total Repudiation Experience 4116 cases
Medico legal opinion supporting repudiation 1240 cases
Claims handled, worth (approx.) 728 Cr INR
Total amount of Sum assured saved 123.76 Cr INR
Decision congruence 96.8 %
Opined on cases at legal fora 167 cases
Turn Around Time 99% (within stipulated time)

*as on 31.05.2014