Vision of Service
Empower and support Life and Health Insurance organizations through experiential training, intellectual inputs and medically apt cum legally sound opinions.

X-CLAIM is India’s only enterprise offering exclusive, customized, knowledge based inputs to the Insurance industry, largely to claims, legal, risk and compliance functions.

With an experience of assessing over 6000 cases over 5 years, X-CLAIM now offers FastTrack solutions to the insurance industry.

Enabling speedier closure of cases/ faster analysis, FastTrack is available for the following:

Claim Adjudication
  1. Case Adjudication in PENDING cases

     - Documents partly received - decision (with justification) on what is at hand
  2. Ongoing Case Adjudication in select cases

     - Large sum/ early claim or complex medical details
  3. Cash less authorization in select cases

     - Large sum/ complex medical details.

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