Vision of Service
Empower and support Life and Health Insurance organizations through experiential training, intellectual inputs and medically apt cum legally sound opinions.

X-CLAIM MedicoLegal

Expert Medical opinions

With in-house expertise in all disciplines of medicine (over 100 super specialist) including forensic medicine and legal aspect of medicine X-CLAIM is primed to deliver expert opinions that are medically apt and legally sound.

  1. Opinions on appropriateness of treatment given
  2. Verification of documents to judge on veracity of symptoms/ treatment
  3. In suspect cases - opinions to justify settlement/ repudiation
  4. Pre repudiation opinions with an eye on future representation
  5. Establishing non-disclosure from documents at hand.

Expert MedicoLegal opinions

Medico-legal cases are assessed and adjudicated largely on the basis of expert opinions taking into account all facts and variables relevant to the case.

  1. Suspected suicide/ homicide
  2. Deaths / disability due to accidents (incl 3rd party injuries)
  3. Deaths due to poisoning/ burns
  4. A repudiated case represented at a legal forum
  5. Medical indemnity cases
  6. Medical negligence cases

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