Vision of Service
Empower and support Life and Health Insurance organizations through experiential training, intellectual inputs and medically apt cum legally sound opinions.

The Team

A team comprising of medicos and medico turned advocates, led by Dr C H Asrani, Chief Executive, with over 30 years in medical practice & over 8 years in Insurance.

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Dr C H Asrani
Dr Alaka Deshpande
Dr R S Gulati
Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Dr M R Jagtap
Dr S B Jain
Dr K S Ayyar
Dr Asmita Shah
Dr Sunita Manglik
Dr Dhanashree Mane
Dr Suman Rao
Dr Hemant Patel
Dr Ramesh Subramanian
Dr Ramesh Chauhan
Ms Meenu Wahi Devlin
Mr Shuklendu Baji
Dr Seema Vohra
Adv Ranjit Thorat
Mrs Bhavna Kapur
Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Mrs Bhavna Kapur

We also have over 100 specialists and super specialists for expert opinions as and when required.